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  Dr. Aimee VanDerschelden, DC  

Woman & Pre-Post -Pediatric Care

While we welcome the entire family, we have a focus on prenatal, postnatal and pediatrics.  We help treat and prevent the aches, pains, and stresses that affect work and everyday life.



Dr. Michael VanDerschelden, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, a passionate advocate of natural healing, a best-selling author, and a visionary who has implemented much-needed changes to our current health care system. 



Julie Lackie, C.C.T.
Certified Clinical Thermography
We specialize in an innovative, safe alternative to conventional body imaging and health screenings for men, women, and children; a Full Body Scan, a Partial Body Scan or Breast Imaging.  

Peter Sadorian, LAc

Licensed acupuncturist. Peter holds a Masters of Oriental Medicine degree in Chinese Medicine. He specializes in pain relief, pulse diagnosis, herbal medicine and functional health at the Healing Horizons Wellness Spa.